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It's Not Art. It's Business.

Your website is not the place for your graphic artist to discover his muse. And it's not where your visitors come for the privilege of discovering the secrets of your designer's navigation. Website design is all about maximising the impact of your content.

Redbone's Guiding Principles of Web Design can be summarised in a few pointers:

  • The careful use of colours, fonts, boxes and navigation can act as cues to your visitors - directing them to parts of your site and emphasising the value you offer.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they want. The pages must be structured in a logical manner, and the links must be easy to find.
  • Images enhance the message, they don't replace it. Too many websites have animations and flash movies that distract visitors from the valuable information you want to share with them.
  • A good site is a fast site. A good site is a fast site. Most people still connect to the Internet with a 56K modem. Unless your content is absolutely what they're after, they won't stick around for a slow site.

Redbone lives and breathes these principles. If you need a new site, or your old one is due for renovation, then contact us now.