Redbone Systems Ltd
Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure my business would benefit from the Internet, but I'm not sure how. Any suggestions?  
The Internet's a great source of information, but your need to be prepared to sort through the rubbish to find the gold. If you don't have the time or expertise:

Have a look at some of our articles. These cover a wide range of topics in a user-friendly manner.

Call us. Ask for an obligation-free consultation. We'll discuss solutions that are directly applicable to your business.

How do you determine a project's costs? 
Once we have gathered the project's requirements, we break down the solution into small tasks, each of which has a cost assigned.

Why do you provide fixed price quotes on some projects and estimates on others?

Generally, we provide fixed cost quotes when all of the project elements are known. Time and material estimates are used when we can't pin down an exact project time. Instances of this might occur when:

  • Your requirements aren't quite finalised, but you need to start work right away.
  • There is likely to be significant changes as the project progresses.
  • The web site needs to integrate with one of your existing systems, and the technical details of this system aren't known.
  • Your requirements aren't known. We can scope the project requirements and solution on a time-and-materials basis, and then provide a fixed-price quote for the rest of the project.

How do we keep track of the project? 
We keep you informed every step of the way:

  • You will receive a weekly report with time against every single project task and estimated time to complete. This report shows budgets against actuals and provides an excellent overview of the project at a glance.
  • As soon as we encounter any problem, we let you know straight away, not when the project is nearing completion, so you can make prompt decisions.
  • Any issue that may affect the project cost is included in each weekly status report, so that a complete project history is readily available. You won't have any nasty surprises

I can't see any prices on your site. What do your services cost? 
We don't provide costs based on the number of web pages but rather on the complexity and time we think it will take to complete the work. Until we know what you want, we can't give you a price.

However, after our free consultation, we can provide full estimates, often with a number of options to allow you to choose the best match for your needs.