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Tailored to Your Exact Specifications

Sometimes even the most advanced packages don't meet your requirements. That's why Redbone supplies custom development services:

  • Automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Your IT systems are supposed to make like easier, but they often add to your workload instead. We can lighten the burden by identifying areas that can be automated and can provide custom solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Sophisticated web-based applications. When simple forms and static web pages aren't enough, we design scalable, robust and secure database-driven systems.
  • Integration with your back-end systems. If your customer-facing web site needs to share data with your order fulfillment and customer databases, we can develop data exchange feeds.
  • Develop Business Intelligence Support Systems. When you need to slice and dice your data, we can supply data warehouse solutions based on proprietary technologies like the Oracle Enterprise Server or powerful Open Source technologies like MySQL. We place the technologies for making strategic business decisions in your hands.

Redbone has extensive experience developing and integrating corporate systems as well as developing boutique solutions. Because we follow industry best practices, our solutions are delivered on time and on-budget.